Hand Wash Station

We realize the need of maintaining adequate hygiene and cleanliness, especially during large-scale events or construction projects. As a result, we provide a variety of hand wash stations designed to give a quick and effective option for maintaining hand hygiene.

A self-contained hand wash station, also known as a hand washing station, is a unit that supplies running water for hand cleaning. It usually includes a water tank, a soap dispenser, and a sink. Hand washing stations are frequently utilized at outdoor events, building sites, and other locations where running water is scarce.

Types of Hand-Washing Stations

Depending on your unique requirements, numerous types of hand wash stations are available. Here are a few examples of the most prevalent types:

Single Basin Hand Wash Station – With a single sink, this type of hand wash station is ideal for smaller events or job sites.

Double Basin Hand Wash Station – With two sinks, this style of hand wash station allows numerous individuals to wash their hands at the same time. It’s perfect for larger gatherings or construction sites.

Foot Pump Hand Wash Station – Because this style of hand wash station is powered by a foot pump, it can be utilized even in places without access to electricity.

Hand Washing Station Characteristics

Our hand wash stations have a variety of features to ensure peak efficiency and a positive user experience. Here are some of the features you may look forward to:

Soap Dispenser – All of our hand wash stations include a soap dispenser, making it simple for users to effectively wash their hands.

Paper Towel Dispenser – Our hand wash stations include a paper towel dispenser to ensure that users thoroughly dry their hands after washing.

Lockable Doors – All of our hand wash stations have lockable doors for further security and privacy.

Anti-Slip Floors – The anti-slip floors in our hand wash stations reduce the danger of accidents and injuries.

The Advantages of Renting a Hand Wash Station

Renting a hand wash station has various advantages, including:

  • Convenience – Renting a hand wash station eliminates the need to set up and maintain a hand washing area. We handle everything, ensuring that your visitors or employees have access to a clean and functional hand-washing station.
  • Renting a hand wash station is a cost-effective solution because you just pay for the time you use it. This means you won’t have to spend money on equipment you’ll only use sometimes.
  • Hand wash stations are required at many events and job locations for hygiene and safety reasons. Renting a hand wash station guarantees that you meet these standards.

When Should You Rent a Hand Washing Station

If you’re having an outdoor event, working on a construction site, or need a temporary hand-washing solution, you might think about renting a hand wash station. Here are several scenarios in which a hand washing station rental may be required:

  • Weddings – If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, a hand wash station is a must-have to guarantee that your guests keep proper hand hygiene.
  • Festivals – Festivals are frequently hosted in isolated regions with limited access to running water. Attendees will have access to a clean and effective hand-washing space if a hand-wash station is rented.
  • Construction Sites – Because construction sites are often unclean and dusty, hand cleaning is required. Renting a hand wash station provides workers with a simple and effective hand washing solution.


Finally, a hand wash station is an important piece of equipment for maintaining adequate hand hygiene in a variety of contexts. Brandon Porta Potty provides a variety of hand wash stations to meet your individual requirements, including single and double basin models, as well as foot pump-operated stations.

Our hand washing stations provide a variety of features such as soap and paper towel dispensers, lockable doors, and non-slip floors.

Brandon Porta Potty has various advantages, including convenience, cost-effectiveness, and compliance with cleanliness and safety regulations. A hand wash station rental is a practical and effective solution for ensuring proper hand hygiene whether you’re holding an outdoor event or working on a job site.

Maintaining appropriate hygiene is more vital than ever in today’s world. You can provide a clean and functional hand washing facility for your guests or staff with our hand wash station rentals, ensuring that everyone stays healthy and safe. Contact us today to find out more about our hand washing station rentals and how we can assist you in maintaining good hygiene in any scenario.